June 24, 2014
My hips are tighter than banjo strings and I haven’t gotten a chance to stretch them the last couple days. So I decide to kill them on my raw week and use the soft pad. Basically you sit down until you feel the pad underneath you and slowly sit down into it until you bottom...
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So..I have been thinking it over and uhh…Im done with figure.  I was on the fence and feasibly could have enjoyed another four weeks of prep into the Mo State, but theres a chance I would get pretty burned out.  I am ready to get back to powerlifting.  Today I jumped back in the saddle....
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This was a great training session for me. I was able to get extra time warming up due to a client cancelling their appointment, Tanner from Purdue Barbell was a huge help running the monolift and helping me with small stuff like wrap rolling ect. My last meet was November of 2013 and my best...
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