June 19, 2014
AM conditioning prowler sprint x 2 with just sled (down with high handles, low at lowest handles) prowler sprint +20lbs prowler sprint +40lbs prowler sprint + 50lbs prowler sprint + 70lbs prowler sprint + 90lbs prowler sprint +110lbs prowler sprint +140lbs x 2 prowler sprint + 110 prowler sprint + 90lbs prowler sprint + 70lbs...
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This was a major breakthrough in my rehabilitation of my triceps. This max effort bench session is the first time in near 4-6 months I have pressed with ZERO pain. I have been working with Gym Resident PT: Taylor, Gym Resident Chiropractor: Jason, and Gym Resident Massage therapist: Yvonna trying to heal this ongoing painful...
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ME NCL Bench x3 (3 board 45,95,135,185,225,275,315, shirt on 405,455 3×3) DB Bench 60 reps (90×20,35,49,60) Seated Overhead Rope Extensions 2-3 warm ups 3×10 (90) Single Arm DB skullies 6×6 (30) Reverse Single Arm Cable Pressdowns 3×15 (40) YTWI 3×10 each (5)
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