June 13, 2014
Dreaded bench day again for me. I was in a ton of pain today when we got up to our chain work. I grinded through it and I am on track to hit the same bench I did in the NBS meet last November which is the best outcome I can hope for. I hate...
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so last week Monday I strained my back and could not walk. I took it very easy and I felt good today warming up so I went for my ME work. my last set in this video was not my planned last set, I decided to do “the wobble” while squatting and it was due...
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Had to skip Monday workout because I did enough lifting heavy stuff getting ready for Jennifer & David’s BBQ party. Why do I come to the gym every weekday morning at 6 am and push myself hard every morning when none of the other women my age do this? Maybe it is because none of...
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