June 11, 2014
ME NCL Bench x3 raw w/chains (slingshot 3 board 350,350 + 1chains each side,+1.5 chains, +2 chains) DB Bench 60 reps (85×20,35,49,60) Seated Overhead Rope Extensions 2-3 warm ups 3×10 (80) Single Arm DB skullies 6×6 (25) Reverse Single Arm Cable Pressdowns 3×15 (40) YTWI 3×10 each (5)
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Nutrition is a lot like religion and politics. Uneducated people looking for answers hear something that they like and hold onto to that one particular idea without question and vehemently attack anyone or anything that so much as challenges that idea. In a society of fatties looking to a fitness and health industry that is...
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1.5 days until prejudging!  Jr. Nats is a two day event, unlike most shows that run AM and PM.  So, the pros: I get a little recovery time to relax between showing.  cons: I have to try and peak twice.  Oh well.  Today was another depletion workout.  The goal here is to just move, pretty...
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