May 15, 2014
  A Treatise Against Foam Rolling Taylor Weglicki, PT, DPT For some time now, mobility has been taking the fitness industry by storm. Everyone is too tight, we sit like crap, we move like crap, and only the foam roller and mobility workouts of the day can fix it. Now before everyone jumps down my...
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Wednesday (back) Pulldowns 1.5 reps Max 10 reps 70 lb, 70 lb (started too heavy) Neutral Pullups Max 6 Single Arm Rows 1-2-3 max sets 8 reps 20 lb DB, 25 lb DB Hammer High Rows 8×8 (30 second break) 30 total Neutral Wide Cable Rows 15,12,10,8,6 – 40,50,60,70,80
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ME Bench NCL x3 (95,135,185,205,225,245,255,265,270×1) A1: Rope Pressdowns w/pause 3×10 (100) A2: Single Arm Chain Extensions 1.5 reps 3×10 (1.5 chains) Tricep Hell (1,2,3,4 board) 5 reps each till failure (95,135,165,185) B1: Cross Body Hammer Curls 3×10 (30) B2: EZ Curl Bar 1.5 reps 3×10 (big bar 10 each side) Fat Grip EZ Curl Bar...
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