May 12, 2014
Still getting used to this new-fangled electronic stuff!! Monday (shoulder, triceps, calves) Seated DB Cleans 4×12 (45 sec break) (5 lb,7 lb) Hammer Shoulder Press 1.5 reps Max 10 (15 lb each side) Seated Side Raises 3xMax 1 min (1 min break) (5) Fat Grip EZ Bar Skullies 1.5 reps Max 10 (5 lb each...
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-Bench 3×8: 225 (pain started) -incline DB press 3×8: 75-85-75 -A1: banded shoulder work 3×10 -A2: grenade ball Tri. Ext. 3×10 – 1.5 front/side/rear delts 2×7: 7.5lbs – seated cable rows 3×10: 65 – Tate Press 3×10: I did super light weight and did 3×20 for hurting triceps
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When I first started training at the age of 14 in 1999, I would go up into my family’s “play” room and do all the exercises in a book my dad had given me from when he was a kid (from the 1960’s). I had no clue what I was doing and just looked at...
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