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April 28, 2014
So it turns out its best to ask the person doing your programming how they specify sets and reps. I’ve always written it as SETS x REPS, but Thomas does it the other way around. I figured this out about midway through this workout when my wrist started feeling weak and crappy and I decided...
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Last Monday’s session. Pretty solid overall, but cleaning every rep is a gnarly wench and is causing me quite the cardiovascular struggle. I’m honestly a bit ashamed of the whole thing but oh well. Here’s what went down: Log Clean and Press (clean every rep) Log x8 135×3 175×3 205×1 215x3x3   Front Squats 135×3...
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Yeah, I’m behind again. The fundraiser I put on was sucking up a lot of my free time, so I’m hoping I’ll be much better about logging and writing articles from here on out. Here’s what went down over a week ago:   Stones Over Bar, 48″ 230×3 265x4x3   Sandbag Carry 250x10s 250×15 s...
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