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I was very nervous today as it was on my training schedule to do explosive movements with my body. If you have been following me as of late you are aware I’m dealing with some tricep issues. All in all the training session went very well I think. My triceps did not hurt, but they did feel worked from the immense increase in volume and probably because I haven’t been using them that much to press. So this is how I got my “bro” on today.

-explosive medball throws
-100 press downs (heavy band)
100 press downs (average band)
-pyramid scheme 1-10 reps hammer curls (30 second break)
EliteFTS Team member David Allen’s band super series (50 reps each position)
-McGill Pull-ups encouraged constantly from Brian Carroll
-a1: cable crunches 3×15
A2: planks 3x1min


Today was the first day of off-season training then I got to experiment with explosive work. I am going to start trying to learn some Olympic movements. I refused to say Olympic lifts because my form is awful and I have yet to take my certification class for these movements ( certification class in July). I also played with paused movements today during my deadlifts for the first time, so the weight was fairly light but it definitely did the job.

-Attempted power snatch 4×4
-paused deficit Deads 3×3
-Conv. Rack pulls 10-10-Max-Drop-Drop
-Tempo 3-1 banded GHR (band only lasted 3 sets and I punked out to BW. 8×8 w/ 30 sec breaks
-seated SSB GM 15-12-10-8-6
-Hamstring curls 10×10 30 sec breaks


Back in with the Brose Strength Crew again. Finally. Been out of town or up to something the past few weekends and haven’t gotten to train with everyone. It was good to see everyone getting after it. Also, our friend Dimitar Savitinov came by, fresh from his first appearance at World’s Strongest Man to help out with some deadlift issues of mine. We tweaked some things with my stance and hand placement, and though on video it doesn’t look much different, the difference in how it felt was immense. I had no back pain pulling heavy today, and felt my glutes and hamstrings engage a lot, which has not been the case lately. Hoping this will take quickly and lead to some quick gains in my pulling strength, and I have a feeling it will make a big difference. I was using too much low back to pull in the past and didn’t really recognize the issue I guess. This should also allow for quite a bit more longevity for my back haha. Anyways, here’s what went down:

Limber 11, plus some dynamic work

Deadlift (with texas power bar)
Drop weight to fix form:
455×1  felt much smoother and easier. Didn’t get it on film though.

Axle Press (from rack)
265×2 previous 1RM for a double? I’ll take it
235×2  smoked.


Was supposed to do stones, then tried to trade it for kegs, but everything was so wet outside from the rain that I couldn’t get my footing and didn’t want to risk dropping a keg through my femur. Definitely need to get back into loading though. It’s just tough when our only option is outside, but there’s no place to keep any of the stones, etc inside and be able to load them, so we have to make due. Also went and ate about 8000 pieces of sushi, so now I’m going to take a nap and then go move furniture for my grandfather. Back Monday for more fun.

Thus marks the first day of my evening training return. Waited until around 6:30 to head to NBS, and the drive took me 20 minutes instead of the hour plus it had been taking. I think I’m sold on late nights now. Anyways, went in still dragging a bit from a tough work week and not much sleep. Ended up feeling alright. Hoping to get plenty of sleep to catch up and subsequently go hard and heavy Saturday. Going to get some tips for my deadlifting from whoever is around that can help, as I think my biggest issue right now is technical instead of just weakness. I’ve got a heavy double scheduled so that should prove interesting. At any rate, here’s what went down Wednesday:

Various thoracic mobility, jumping jacks, etc.

Close Grip Bench
Bar x10

DB Incline Press

Face Pulls

Toes to Bar (Roman Chair due to achy shoulder)
30 Reps


It doesn’t seem like much on these volume days, but they’re working. I’m gaining size and typically pressing more reps at heavier weights than I ever have. A triple at 255 not long ago is a big deal when my previous 1RM was 265. Likewise on Deadlift, I think once I get my technical issues fixed, my weight for reps is going to be ridiculous. We shall see. I have high hopes for tomorrow, and a cheeseburger to get soon tonight.

Contest Update:
Just as a quick reminder, I’ve discovered the June contest date actually conflicts with a friend’s wedding that my wife and I will be attending. As such, I’ll be withholding my 2014 debut until the Refuge Barbell Classic August 2nd. It will be a very competitive and heavy show, and one I’m looking forward to competing in. Plus, it supports our friend Derek Stone, who is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in the sport. Should be good times. At any rate, it gives me plenty of motivation to get my deadlift up. Opening weight for the medley is 525, so I’ve got work to do!

So for about the last two months benchpress day has been nothing but rehab for me. I felt like testing where that rehab has gotten me today. Instead if the programmed 3×3 I went ahead and did a 3×5 to get extra range of motion since I have not pressed in a long time. Since we are technically in off-season and I am doing noncompetition lifts I decided to do DB Bench press, everything felt good and I was really able to activate my which I think was me overcompensating to take unnecessary strain off my triceps.

-warm up
-BD Bench press (3×5) @ 100lbs
-DB Seated OH Press (15-12-10-8-6) @ 30-35-40-45-50lbs
-Peck Dec Flys (3 x failure) @ 130lbs
-Chest Supp. Rows (10-10-MAX-Drop-Drop) @ 45-60-75-65-55
-delts pyramid scheme (1-10) with 30 sec break between sets (10 sets total) video is of set 10
SlingShot Lat Pulldowns (10×10) 30 sec break: started with 90 ended with 70lbs.
– 15 min weighted vest (100lbs) walk

Today started my off season training. I have not done high volume in a long time as my last log stated due to being stranded in a strength phase cause of tricpe injury and deciding if I was going to do a meet.
I nearly threw up on several occasions. I will be working on getting my back, quads hamstrings, shoulders and triceps bigger and stronger. Also increasing my shoulder mobility, and getting rid of this danged tricep injury (nerve impingement due to muscle) .
Here is how today worked:
-NCL Squats 3×3 @ 80-85% (I was not in this range because I just maxed 3 days prior)
-Close Stance Hack Squat: 10-10-max-drop-drop
So you do 2 working sets of 10 then a max rep max weight set and 2 nonstop drop sets off of your max set.
90 for 10 -180 for 10 -270 for 15 -180 for 11 -90 or 12
-Banded 45 degree Hypers: 8 x 8 with 30 second rest
-Reverse Hypers: 4 x 15 with 45 second rest (90 – 140×3)
-Leg Extensions: 3 x failure
-Sandbag carries: 8 x 50yards

After being in strength phase for almost 2 full cycles due to tricep injury and backing out of mees I got the okay to set my new maxes. Everything went as planned as I hit a 605 squat and an ugly 605 deadlift (partially because I was an idiot and attempted 615 first). Here is a front and back shot of the squat and a separate video of the deadlift cause my phone died.

Squat front

squat back


Monday (glutes and hamstrings)
Lying Leg Curls 2-3 warm ups, 6 sets of 10 (30 sec break) (45×4, 35×2)
Straight Leg Deadlifts 15,12,10,8,6 (96,115,135,155,175)
Prowler Push 6×25 yards (1 minute break) (2,2.1,2.2,2.3,2.4,2.5)
45 Degree Hypers 3xfailure (light x26,16,15)
Glute Bridges 100 total (BW)

Incline Treadmill 20 min HR 120 bpm (3.5 speed 8 incline)

Saturday (arms abs)
A1: Alternating DB Curls w/1 count hold at top 5×10 (30)
A2: Tricep Kick Back w/1 count hold at top 5×10 (15)
Cross Body Hammer Roper Curls 8×8 (30 sec break) (40)
Cross Body Grenade Press down 8×8 (30 sec break) (40)
B1: Band Hammer Curls 3xfailure (light)
B2: Band Press down 3xfailure (light)
4 Way Sledgehammer 3×10 each direction
Sit-ups off glue ham raise 3×25
Toe Touches 3×25
2-minute plank

Friday (chest and shoulder)
Pushups 10×10 (30-45 second break) (BW)
Incline Bench Press 15,12,10,8,6 (75,95,115,135,155)
Neutral DB Incline Hex Press 2-3 warm up sets 3xfailure (40×17,12,10)
Pec Flys 3×10 (3 down w/hold) (70)
Single Arm Leaning Side Raise 8×8 (30 second break) (15)
Plate Raise Hell (Max 45, Max 35, Max 25) (15,6,6)

Thursday (legs and calves)
Glute Ham Raises 8×8 (30 second break) (bw)
1.5 Rep Hack Squat heavy 6 (4 plates each side)
DB Step Ups 8×8 (30 second break) (60)
Leg Press 3xfailure
(5 Plates each side 40,20,22)
Single Leg DB Calf Raises 10×10 (no break between legs) (50)

Wednesday (back biceps abs)
Pullups Pyramid (30 sec break) (6)
Neutral Chest Supported Rows 8×8 (30 sec break) (65)
Bent DB Rows (palms Supinated) 15,12,10,8,6 (40,50,60,70,75)
EZ Bar Cable Rows 2-3 warm up sets 4×15 (45 sec break) (100,110,120,120)
Face Pulls w/pause 8×8 (30 sec break) (90)
EZ Bar Preacher Curls 8×8 (30 sec break) (20)
Incline Reverse Crunches 4×10

Tuesday (shoulders, triceps, and calves)
Side Raises 2-3 warm ups, 8×8 (30 sec break) (20)
EZ Bar High Row 15,12,10,8,6 (20,25,30,35,40)
Single Arm Bent Rear Lateral, palm pronated 8×8 (30 sec break) (12)
Rope Overhead Tricep Extension 2-3 warm up sets 8×8 (30 sec break) (110)
Close Grip Bench 15,12,10,8,6 (135,155,175,175,175)
Standing Calf Raises 10×10 (90 total)

Monday (glutes and hamstrings)
Lying Leg Curls 2-3 warm ups, 6 sets of 10 (30 sec break) (40)
High Foot Leg Press (press through heal) 15,12,10,8,6 (5,6,7,8,9/6×20)
Prowler Push 6×25 yards (1 minute break) (1.25,1.35,1.45,1.55,1.65,2.25)
45 Degree Hypers 3xfailure (light x26,23,20)
Glute Bridges 100 total (BW)

Incline Treadmill 20 min HR 120 bpm (3.5 speed 8 incline)

Monday is back with a vengeance. Not sleeping well lately, and 5 am comes real damn early when you aren’t rested. At any rate, I dragged myself out of bed and put in work. Here’s what went down:

Limber 11 et al

Front Squats
Bar x10
185x10x3 < these all felt like a steaming pile of excrement. Dang.

Axle Press, from the Rack
Axle x10
175x5x3 < lol heavier than my front squats almost. Whatever.

1” Deficit Deadlifts

Hammer Strength Low Rows

Band Pull Aparts
Monster Mini x4x20

4 minutes Accumulated


Took me well over an hour to get 30 minutes to work today. I was so mad by the time I rolled in that I told myself I won’t ever do this again. Luckily, my wife is the most understanding person in the world, and agreed I should wait and go after evening rush hour, even though it will put me getting home closer to 9-10 pm. Hopefully this will make a difference in how everything feels, and I’ll have less garbage days during the week. At any rate, I’ll be able to sleep more in the morning and get back on a consistent wake up schedule, which would be nice. So for my Wednesday workout, I plan to go in the evening and see how that all works out. I’ll still be training Saturday mornings with the crew though. Can’t pass that up for anything. So, will be making a bit of a nutrition adjustment to account for timing, but otherwise, we’ll see what happens!

Woohoo! Heavy day is the best day! Always my favorite day! Until I get called into work midway through the workout. Bummer. Still managed to finish pulling and pressing by that point, but was unable to go attack the yoke despite all my best wishes to do so. I am planning on reworking my training time soon so hopefully this will never be an issue again. Anyways, got some good work in and here’s what went down:

Limber 11, Shoulder Stuff, A few box jumps

Deadlift, from the floor
455×3 <— much easier than last time!
405×3 wasn’t as easy as last time :-/

Axle Clean and Press (from the floor)
245×2.5 < this was heinous. Ugly. Awful miss. Still mad about it.


Was trying to fit this session in because I was going out of town Friday night. It was rough, and I likely won’t do it again unless I absolutely have to do so. Yikes.

Well we have ourselves a bit of an issue. I’m back in the catch- up game again. To be fair, we were updating the website a bit and things got kind of screwy, but I’m still training and here’s my proof. Hopefully this all comes through OK, because as of now, my text window seems to be white text against a white background, so I’m going to copypasta the workout from Word and pray it works out. Here’s what went down last Wednesday though.

Limber 11 and other stuff

Paused Oly Squats ( 2 second counts)

Close Grip Bench Press
Bar x10

DB Incline Press

Rear Delt Fly Machine

Toes to Bar


The time limits are still working out nicely for limiting volume and keeping me progressing I think. Back Friday for more heavy fun.