David 11-10-14 Legs

Programming by Shelby Starnes

My buddy Brian decided he wanted to do this workout with me yesterday. It’s been while since he trained legs. Let’s just say he is going to be feeling it for a bit.

Strength is slowly coming back up. High rep legs is definitely not what I am used to but was able to push it a little harder today.

11-10-14 Legs
Standing calf raises 5×10+5 partials, 30 sec break (210)
Standing calf raises 3×10, real controlled (130)
Seated Cable Leg Curls 3×15,12,9 1×6 w/30 partials (increase weight each set) (60,70,80,90)
Yoke Bar Squat 3×12, just above parallel (275)
Leg Press 4×40,30,20,10 (increase weight each set) (4,5.25,7,8.25)
Leg Extension 3×10 w/1 second hold at top, 8 partials after each set (65)
Barbell stiff legged deads 4×10 (stop shy of lockout) (255)


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