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Best Exercise to Fix “Desk Posture”

In today’s world, a majority of the population has bad posture. With the amount of sedentary lifestyles and desk jobs, our posture is the first thing to suffer. In past articles, I have talked about S and C posture. Just incase you missed it; here’s a quick overview. S posture is excessive rounding of the lower back and C posture is excessive rounding of the upper back.

C posture is referred to as Upper Crossed Syndrome (UCS). Upper Crossed Syndrome is due to tight muscles in the pecs, trapezius, latissimus dorsi, in addition to weak muscles in the serratus anterior, neck, and lower trapezius.

In this article, I will be showing the readers my favorite C Posture correctional exercise. It is the standing rear delt flys. Normally, I preform this exercise as a warm-up or incorporate it into a cluster set with soap mobilization exercises, like scap cars.

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