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12-23-13 ME Squat

My entire body was feeling like crap today, specifically my hips. After Friday’s 2.5 hour extravaganza workout of heavy speed squats and heavy triples on deadlift finished off with 5 working sets on all accessory movements, I still hadn’t fully recovered by Monday. I still needed to hit a heavy movement but needed to work intelligently to keep from killing myself. This is where heavy chain wait can come in handy. I used a moderately light weight (495) and proceeded to make the movement “heavy” with chains. This way, at the top, my body could still feel a heavy load but at the bottom where my hips were killing me, the weight wasn’t going to wreck my body any further.

I’m learning that my grip is pitiful. It is the single reason I miss every deadlift. I am following JL Holdsworth’s 8 week grip program that he wrote for the EliteFTS MAW E-Book. I will keep everyone update with how I progress. Hopefully I can pull 650-675 at my meet in March.

-Buffalo Bar soft box squats x3 45,135,225,275,315,365,briefs on 405,455,495, +80 chains, +160 chains, +240 chains
-Wide stance yoke bar Goodmornings 3×6 (225)
-Double overhand lockout max 1 (135,185,225,275,315,335)
-Groin stretcher (start @80x1min, 1 crank every minute, till 100x1min)
-Hip flexor stretch 2min each leg

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